If a MCB trips you will get the opportunity to cut down or restore power with the electrical safety switch installed in newer circuit broads.


Due to time and the amount of electricity passing through the cartridge fuse at the switchboard, the cables insulation melts and a fire can start as a result. With consumer board we can rectify these problems.


Loose electrical terminals can cause your RCD to be tripping and could also create a hot spot which can lead to a fire, If you get a new fuse broad we can identify these problems


We can upgraded your house earthing, Many houses in Dublin there earthing is outdated or undersized and don’t comply with ETCI safety regulations.

When it comes to fuse board upgrades, Infinity Electrical is here to help with its years of experience along with a team of skilled electricians. most old houses in Dublin have old red and black wiring and now obsolete fuse boards that function poorly to provide enough power supply, over the years our power consumption habits have changed since many of our homes were originally built, many fuse boards in older houses are struggling to meet the energy demands placed on them by the increasing use of devices like computers, double door fridges, bigger washing machines and dryers. These switchboards are hardly equipped with modern electrical safety switches. So it might be time to get a better and reliable trip switch (MCB) board installed in your house, office or residential apartment to live life safe and sound.

  • we lost all the power in the house and had a smell of burning from the fuse borad eoin sent electrician out that day!–Michelle. Palmerstown, Dublin 10

  • Thanks infinity for coing out so quick to check our fuse borad and changeing our main switch fuse we couldn't ask anymore from you electricians!.–Gary. Howth, Dublin 13

  • Great price on replacing our fuse borad! Called for an electrician who came out in a couple of hours, would call infinity electrical again–Rita. Leopardstown, Dublin 18